I want to return!

A few days ago, my friend bought a clothes in the net, but when she got the clothes and tries it on, she found the size is too big. So she wanted to return it, and I accompany with her to go to the post office to deal with the returnning process. I found that although the return operation simple, the whole process for quite a long time. I chose “RETURN” as this blog’s theme based on this thing.

Nowadays, because of the convenient and time saving, more and more people like the online shopping. But online shopping cannot try it on, and the pictures are very likely to distortion, so consumers may buy some products unsuitable. 

The majority businessmen support free return, but there still have some businessmen need consumers their own postage return. Consumers need to be watching carefully while in shopping.

What measures should be taken when merchants face to consumer return?

Linda Bustos (2008) showed an example that asked consumers the reasons that they return the products: too long? too short? too wide? too narrow? then use graohics mode to display information intultively in the product page:


This picture contains a lot of information, such as the goods return rate (compare with the general level), and the reasons why consumers return it back. By doing like this, the most direct benefit is to reduce the rate of return. At the same time, it reduced consumer wrong decisions, such as a shoes picture make you feel very long, but they are very short in the actual, so many consumers’ return reason would be ” too short”, the result will be seen by other consemers, help them choose the right size, shopping behaviour will be more mature.

From the point of view of consumers, the most important thing is attitude when businessmen in face of the return problems. Consumers want to return, means that the consumer “dissatisfied”, although reasons may be various. Business quickly and unconditional return service, not only can reduce consumers’ shopping risk, the brand will leave a good impression in the customer heart at the same time. In addition, the band reputation will be better, it is very helpful for the long-term development of the enterprise.

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Kaitao Y. (2003). Effective and mesures to control and reduce the return rate. China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House. 34-36


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Do you like to receive gifts?

Christmas is around the corner, what gifts do you want to receive this year? What do you want to send gift to your family and friends? Generally speaking, people will send gifts in many cases, such as wedding gift, birthday gift, all kinds of holiday gifts and so on. There is a lot of motivation to buy a gift, therefore produced the gift economy.

Think about how much money you spend every year on all kinds of social activities. Leah Ingram made a question-and-answer research on the spending of wedding gift. The most popular price point for a wedding gift is $ 100 to $ 199, and 63% of the seniors said they would feel obligated to send a gift, even if they were not attending the wedding.

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2010 the average American spent an average of $683 on holiday spending.


The large amount of the consumers’ entire holiday budget was spent on gifts for family memers.

Why do we have spent a lot of money on gifts? what dose gift mean to us?The French psychological analysts Samuel Lepastier thought, ” the present is the witness of love, is spiritual appetite. A right gift can make people feel fully satisfied.” Receive a gift also a way to prove the position that you in your family and friends. From the analysis of the process of present consumption decision found that gift consumption is a kind of social behaviour, which is influenced by consumers themselves, receivers and social environment.

Gift economy is a part of the market economy. I had a blog introduce the luxury market in China; I think it is a good example to explain the gift economy. In China’s luxury consumption, gift needs is an important part. According to the strategic consulting company-Bain Company in December 2011, which published the “2011 Chinese luxury market research”. In 2010, the amounting of Chinese consumers’ luxury consumption is about 212 billion yuan RMB. In 2010 and 2011, the consumption for gifts leading the luxury consumption share of more than 30%.

Of course this is a special example, but these data show that gift economy is an important part of the market. Although different countries have different gift exchange characteristics, the gift economy is existed.

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On line video marketing

Video marketing refers to the enterprise put all kinds of videos on the Internet in variousforms.The form of network video is similar to the TV short shows, but platform on the Internet.

According to zhangfang (2009) showed that the union of video and Internet make this innovative marketing form has the advantage of these two forms. It has a variety of features of TV, such as strong appeal, creativity and so on, but also has the advantage of Internet marketing, such as interactive and low cost.

Network is in pursuit of visitor volume. Usually, upload advertising to high quality of media in order to attract more attention. On one hand, on line video marketing care about weather consumers see the ads, on the other hand, they pay more attention to emphasis consumers to understand and are willing to discuss it and share their own views (Lepeng, 2011). This public praise spread with the audience precision and high trust propagation characteristics is based on video form, ont only enhance the corporate brand but also easier to stimulate consumers’ sales behaviour.

This is Samsung LED art, it is fantasitic. Everyday numbers of audiences to watch it. This is the charm of video marketing.

In my opinion, one of the biggest characteristic of video marketing is users can take party in marking activities widely. The users enter to publicity page sustained, play videos, which they like and share them with friends. The participant of users makes video marketing more rich and colour. At the same time, users have a better knowledge of brand and product recognition. Audience can write a comment on video, other audience can also comment to a debate. In addition, audiences’ response as well as the power for the program. Usually speaking, have a higher rate of dispute program click rate will also often very high.

I think video marketing will become more and more important, relative to the boring text, video bring audience’s sensory experience will be more attractive. At the same time it is also the future development tendency. The use of video increased year by year, according to Cisco Systems prediction, the on line video consumers will be doubled until 2015. Now many advertisers prefer to show the advertising through the video show, the trend is very obvious in nowadays.


Xu fanglin. (2009). Discuss the network video marketing. Legal System And Socity. 225-226.

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Crazy about luxury

Dose luxury appeal you? This blog I will show you a different luxury market in China.

Luxury is defined, as a beyond of the scope that people survival and development needs. Luxury goods have unique, rate and exotic characteristics, also known as the unnecessarily of life.

Luxury classification

Fashion and leather; Yacht; Automobile and Motorcycle; Jewelry and Wrist watch; Fountain pen; Perfume and Cosmetic; Wine; Furniture and Home textile; Kitchenware, Tableware and Porcelain; Luxurious hotel; Mobile phone and Computer.

Luxury feathers

High price and high quality

High price is the most basic characteristic of luxury. At the same time, luxury products must be delicate among the same kind of goods.


Luxury often contains a certain amount of shortage of resources, or high technology, or high cultural factors in addition. Some luxury goods are limited production to make them precious.


Chinese luxury market

In January 2012, the world luxury association report showed that by the end of December 2011,years total consumption of Chinese luxury market has reached $12.6 billion (not including private plane, yacht and luxury car), accupy 28% of the global share. China has become the biggest luxury consuming country among the global share.

Luxury in China with the highest price

Even if the tax rate to zero, the price of luxury goods will still so high. Luxury pricing in China is much higher than the rich developed countries. Under this situation, a large number of international retailers enter the Chinese luxury market, including herms, Gucci and other brands.

Luxury consumption crowd become younger in average age

According to the People’s Daily reported that Chinese luxury consumers’ younger 15 years old than the average European consumers, 25 years old young than in the United States. In the income level is far to Europe and United States, the luxury consumption younger is a social problem, which should focus on.

China is still in the early stages of the luxury consumption growth

In the European and American countries, luxury consumption including houses, cars and family travel, in addition, there are very individual character consumption, such as ceramics, food, etc. As long as have the highest quality, the most profound cultural connotation and artistic quality, buying old lamps and lanterns can become luxury consumption. But in China, luxury focus on clothing, perfume and watches, etc. on the personal items.

Consumers mostly through the large shopping mall and tourism to buy luxury goods.

Due to the high duty’s sake, many Chinese consumers prefer to go abroad to buy luxury goods. Currently the world’s top luxury brand of Chinese account for 5% of the proportion, 3% of whom are Chinese tourists overseas purchase. China has become the world’s second largest luxury country, but also become the most overseas luxury consumption nation.

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Do you love me?

Modern psychology research shows that emotional factor make it easier for people to accept the information. Under the absence of necessary ” rich passion”   situation, intellect is in a resting state, unable to do normal work and even produce a serious of psychological disorder. Only emtion can open people’s heart and attract the consumers’ attention.

Mention to chocolate, people always associated with romantic, happiness and love. If there is a touching love story behind the chocolate brand, isn’t it will be more attractive to you?

DOVE chocolate is produced by Mars Company,which is the biggest pet food and leisure food manufacturing company in the United States. DOVE entered China in 1990, 1995 become the leading brand of chocolate in China.

DOVE is the abbreviation of DO YOU LOVE ME. There is a beautiful story.

Long long ago, a young man named Leon who worked in Luxembourg royal family kitchen fell in love with the princess bazzar, but in that conservative age, they did not say their love. In order to strengthen the relationship between Luxembourg and Belgium, the princess bazzar need to be married to Belgium. The night before princess bazaar leaving, when Leon preparing for the dessert, he wrote DOVE with hot chocolate in princess bazaar’s ice cream, the English abbreviation for DO YOU LOVE ME, he want to know the answer, but princess did not see the words before them melt. If these words did not melt, he would not lose the last chance. After that, he put DOVE in each piece of chocolate, in memory of missed love. This is also the funder remind the loves, if you love her(him), please timely let her(him) know.

After reading this story, whether dove chocolate in your idea of status is more than the other brand of chocolate?

The highest realm of emotional positioning is add emotion to the product and service, make no living things personification, give the perceptual colour, so as to arouse the resonance of the consumers.

This is a very funny advertisement. This brand used the exaggerated advertisement to make the audience feel cheerful. People remember this advertisement and at the same time remember the name of this product. This is also a kind of emotional marketing. 

Emotional markeing is a kind of new develpment tendency, if used properly, it will bring a lot of benefits to the enterprise.


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Matchmaking production

Today I saw a Chinese entertainment comedy show, the M.C. joking explanation the ‘Leftover ladies’ problem in contemporary China. ‘leftover ladies’ or shengnv in Chinese, means the women who are well educated, well paid and independent. Because of their high requirement of choosing a mate, they getting older but still singer. ‘Leftover ladies’ has divided into 3 grades. Age group between 25 and 30 is the primary grade, followed by 36-40, the least objective age group is 41-45. 

Now the hardest area in China is Beijing and Shanghai. In these cities, the women have to face the fast-paced lifestyle and stand the intense competitive pressures. This further reduces the success rate of their spouse.

Under this situation, the number of the TV matchmaking programs and matchmaking agencies are gradually increasing.

This girl named Ma Nuo, who is one of the female guests on the If you are the one TV shows. She said something in the program caused a big uproar. When asked if a date is not successful, she said, ‘ I’d rather cry in a BMW, not laugh on a bike.’ This kind of remarks are very controversial, but at the same time, they made the TV shows growth in the dispute environment.

Now If you are the one is the most popular matchmaking TV program in China. In addition, there are more than 16 TV have their own matchmaking shows. Not only the matchmaking TV program are very popular, but also the matchmaking agencies. was founded in 1998, after just 14 years, the total number of their matchmakes has more than 2000.

Another company named was offically released in May 2005, they launched China’s first “Soul match achievements happy marriage” the unique marriage service mode. Until october 31,2010, the number of their members has reached into 30 million. From the various indicators of number of users, the proportion of active users and the users marriage peocess involvement, etc., has become the biggest dating sites in China.

Something related with matchmaking is popular is easy to explain. In China, women over 28 years old are considerd old. What is more, Chinese parents are very care about their children’s marriage. Sometimes the pressure from parents is one of the most important reasons that lead matchmaking popular.


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Background music

Hearing this beautiful music, if you feel very comfortable?

Everyones loves good music. Music is the most adept at expressing emotion and the fluctuations in people’s hearts. It can affect the physiological activities of human beings, especially the emotional activities (Le Z, 2010). That is why we can hear this wonderful music at shopping malls.

Shopping malls to select the right background music in order to allow customers to have a pleasant mood.

From a theoretical point of view, a good concert make people feel good, it  can attract consumers to stay for some time at the mall, it also may increase the profits. In addition, background music creates a comfortable shopping environment, enabling consumers to purchsea intimacy and increase the chance to back here on this mall-shopping environment.

But there is not directly relationship between mall background music and consumer awareness and behavior.

Everyone must be very familiar with this song. We often can hear this piano piece in upmarket hotels and restaurants. When people hear classical and elegant Western music, it is easy to navigate to the senior officers of a higher status in the society, to create a kind of luxury, high-grade sales atmosphere, so that consumers agree merchant positioning (Wei Y, 2012).

How to choose the correct background music?

First, it is necessary to pay attention to consider the environment and the positioning of the mall. Second, according to consumer habits, qualities, as well as to purchase merchandise decided to play music. Finally, businesses must consider the normal habits of consumers as well as external factors.

Background music can indirectly stimulate consumer psychology, for business purposes; choose the right background music is very important.


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